Bathrooms to Love

Part of the PJH Group, Bathrooms to Love has been providing quality baths, showers and bathroom suites since 1972. Over decades of growth and development, Bathrooms to Love have drawn upon innovation to develop their bathroom designs to the superior products they supply today. Creative Interiors are proud to supply and install the Bathrooms to Love range.


Baths and Showers to Love

Prepare to fall in love with the stunning selection of baths and showers available from the BTL collection. Choose from freestanding, fitted or shower baths of exceptional quality. All of which will perfectly complement your new bathroom suite installed by Creative Interiors.

Freestanding Baths to Love

The freestanding baths available include the modern Ashbourne and Harlesden, as well as classic designs, such as the Baywater Slipper and Richmond.

Fitted Baths to Love

Fitted baths from Bathrooms to Love, come in a choice of single-end, double-end and corner. Models include the Keyhole, Solarna single and Solarna double, Orlando, and Laguna. We can also install spa systems for the ultimate in bathing comfort.

Shower Baths to Love

Combine the best of both worlds with a stylish bath/shower combo. Styles include the Solarna L shape and P shape models as well as a keyhole design. Shower baths can also be fitted with the Bathrooms to Love wellness systems, for maximum relaxation.

Showers to Love

Bathrooms to Love provide both mixer, power and electric showers. The mixer models include the VEMA shower and are elegant and modern. Meanwhile, the electric and power showers come in both traditional and more contemporary designs.

Bathroom Suites

Take a look at the stunning bathrooms suites available, whether you are looking for a modern and minimalistic layout or a more traditional rustic vibe there is a model to suit every taste:


Ultra thin design. Minimal. Distinctive.


Space saving. Modern. Minimalist.


Smooth. Curvaceous. Clean. Timeless.


All-rounder. Timeless with a modern twist.


Classic. Round. Versatile. Simple.


Smooth. Sleek. Stylish. Modern. Sophisticated.


Shapely. Elegant. Traditional yet contemporary.


Elegant. Timeless charm. Sophisticated.

Tilia Rimless

Square. Soft. Modern. On-trend. Rimless WC.


Family-friendly. Versatile. Modern. Classic.

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Creative Interiors in Torquay are proud to bring you suites from Bathrooms to Love, at affordable prices. Our in-house design team will help you create the restroom of your dreams and our professional bathroom fitters will install it with precision. Visit us today or give us a call!